Food & Drink – The focus is on the green!

Welcome to an event and conference at Fotografiska where the food and drinks are ruled by nature! We love food, but we especially love vegetables.

Sustainable pleasure is the main focus in our cuisine, drinks and service. We want to create an extraordinary meal experience that leaves a good aftertaste – both today and in the future.

Our food philosophy is about putting the vegetables in focus and we create our dishes based on the concept of ”what is best right now” of course organic and locally sourced. At Fotografiska we let the vegetables serve as a main dish and the meat, fish and poultry serves as a side or to give the dish some extra flavour. This is to create a new enjoyable, inclusive and proportionate dining experience with the added value of better balance for both the body and nature.

Well-being and high performance are the major outcomes of our food philosophy. Therefore, we are constantly looking for the most flavorful, nutrient dense and ethical ingredients for each day and season. All of this so that your experience at Fotografiska will be enjoyable and so that everyone can perform at their best. This is what we call responsible gastronomy!

Below you find our menus.

Call +46 (0)8 50 900 540 or send an email to and we will tell you more about what we can offer.