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The Fotografiska Family has been a dear part of us for a long time. You can easily purchase your membership in our app (where apps are available) or you can buy a physical full or half-year card in our store. You can also buy and give away a membership to someone. New membership cards are made out of old membership cards that have been recycled. Would you also like to give your old card a second chance in life, please submit it in our store!

Memberships of Fotografiska Family

All in:
Valid every day, unlimited access
69 SEK/month

Valid daytime, 9 am–5 pm
39 SEK/month

Valid every day, 17-23 (Sun-Wed) and 17-01 (Thu-Sat)
59 SEK/month

• Exclusive members’ previews (the evening before exhibition openings)
• 10 % discount in the Café
• Offer of the month in the Shop, (Top 10 Wall)
• Members Breakfasts/After Work (before openings, ca. 4/year)