The Walther Collection and its breadth shows the power of photography’s; from its staggering first steps to our explosive modern age now available in video format. The collection consists of photos by both established, well known photographers such as Richard Avedon as well as by completely unknown photographers.

– I want to examine what distinguishes and unites people, regardless of their origin and cultural identity and with a focus series. It’s so incredibly exciting that with photgraphy try to understand what define different cultures and eras, to contemplate at what is unique and what is universal, says Artur Walther.

Photography gives us the ability to capture time. Whether it is from the historical roots, when Eadweard Muybridge took his famous first photographs of running people and horses or when the controversial artist Ai Weiwei in three images drops a priceless vase from a long-extinct Chinese dynasty. Time is never still, but photography has the power to capture it in a perpetual imprint so we can look back around and see ourselves, and each other.