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Essity and Fotografiska have stated a long-term mission to raise awareness about global hygiene and health, and how this fundamental issue affects the well-being of people around the world.

Not just physically, but also how hygiene and health are related to basic human needs and rights, such as education and gender equality, and society’s general development.

The story is told through photography and with Essity’s expertise and long experience within this area. Through our partnership, we aim to inspire a more conscious and sustainable world.

Gapminder's exciting material Dollar Street is also featured in the exhibition.

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Facts About Hygiene

The 2016 survey was conducted between May 31 and June 13, 2016 through web panels in 12 different countries, collecting answers from a total of 12,000 respondents.
National quotas have been used to obtain accurate representation of age and gender.

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A total of 12,000 people in 12 countries responded to the Hygiene Matters survey. The survey was conducted by Essity.
Find out more at hygienematters.com